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We are committed to deliver innovative solutions. We work with our clients to reach higher levels of performance. Our staff leverages leading edge technology to mine new opportunities and drive new business processes.

Managing Change

Through Consulting

Middle East Digital Communications provides strategy and management consultancy, information services and start-up support throughout the Information, communication technology. In its fabric, we are design thinkers and data scientists. Our skill set has its deep roots in service architecture and transformation platforms. Each section of the company is composed of business and technically minded team of innovative thinking. We all work at the cross over of digital transformation and technology.

MCG Consulting

MCG Consulting is trusted throughout the region for its expertise, impartiality and its ability to get the best results for clients. We focus solely on the ICT field (Information, Communication and Technology) and IT and media sectors across global industries and so have developed unparalleled knowledge base which includes patented best in class techniques and data sources. This gives us and our clients – a head start.

We shape the industry through our extensive work on policy, regulation and finance. We have worked with most of the sector’s key players to identify solutions to the problems they face. Working at board level we have developed company strategies, evaluated business plans and audited for process optimization. We have been at the core of major M&A activities, optimized the tariffing of new and existing services across the global telecom industry, identified and launched new business ventures and improved profitability and cash flow through streamlining key operational processes.

We are acknowledged for our objectivity, efficiency and accuracy – in addition to communicating implications clearly and effectively. MCG’s consultants bring a unique combination of business advisory skills and detailed sector expertise to deliver practical results with the speed, objectivity and insight that has earned us a global reputation for service excellence.


Service Consulting

“MCG is committed to deliver innovative solutions. MCG works with its clients to reach higher levels of performance. Our staff leverages leading edge technology to mine new opportunities and drive new business processes.  “

MCG extends our technology and business capabilities through a powerful network of alliances that help deliver the best specialized skills and tailored solutions for each individual client’s needs. Each client is a unique case by which MCG assigns its full resources to study his specific needs.

MCG is a regional consulting, technology services and strategic outsourcing company. With deep industry and business process expertise broad global alliances and proven track record, MCG can mobiles the right expert team to aid customers better understand the Technology change and how it affect them.

MCG Research

MCG Research’s reports and online market intelligence services provide authoritative coverage of regional and the global networked economies.  Our research is based on an unrivalled ability to leverage essential data sources, fuse real-world experience, rigorous fact checking and forward-looking analysis to create a truly objective and valuable resource. Customers value our clear-cut examination of the issues, confident that our conclusions are grounded in the mastery of detail.

Our products are supported by our market-leading knowledge management technology, which enables us to deliver the information our customer’s need, when they need it, in the form which best suits them. Research and analysis that compliments or builds on our service portfolio is available from our Research Teams.  Thorough analysis, customized content and an individualized approach to research – that’s the MCG Difference.



MCG is a regional management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company. Committed to delivering innovation, MCG works with its clients closely to help them become high-performance businesses, industries, and organizations. With deep industry and business process expertise, broad skillful resources and a proven track record, MCG can mobilize the right people, skills, and technologies to help clients improve their performance.

Net Revenues: Restricted

Employees: More than 25 executive team members (including over 250 partners in 38 countries)

Regional Reach: Offices in Toronto, London & Kuwait

Geographic Regions: Canada, USA, Europe, Middle East & North Africa

Our Executive Board:

Salah Al-Nafisi

Chairman of the Board

Naser Al-Karmi

Managing Director

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